The People We Help 

Warning: These stories may bring on feelings of inspiration and hope 

Tammy called Food for Life for HELP

Behind on bills and with an empty fridge Tammy called Food for Life for help. Her husband Tyler works at the local shopping mall, however, his hours have been cut to part-time. Tammy and Tyler have two children and when they go shopping they buy Kraft Dinner and canned items to stretch their very tight grocery budget. She discovered a Food for Life program in her neighbourhood where she was able to access healthy items such as apples, bananas, granola bars and sandwich meats for her children's lunches. Tammy feels less stressed about what her children are eating and it has  given her a bit of food budget relief.

John is a senior living in Oakville.

​ He lives alone in his subsidized apartment and is struggling to pay his bills with his Ontario Pension. He has worked all his life and at age 70 is seeking help from the local food banks for the first time. In 2017 Food for Life set up a program in his building, now John is able to get the extra food support he needs to get through the month. Not only has the program offered him fresh nutritious food, but he has made friends with other seniors in the building and now plays cards and bridge with them each week.

Catherine volunteers at church and the community centre.

 After losing her husband nine years ago, Catherine is now on a fixed income. She sometimes has to choose between paying for heat and household bills or buying groceries. After chatting with a neighbour Catherine discovered there are weekly seniors nutrition programs, and community dinners, supported by food for life to provide her with fresh nutritious food. With the assistance of these programs Catherine has found food security and can now focus on what’s really important to her. Her six grandchildren.”​​

These are the Smith's,

they are your neighbours.

Tom is gainfully employed full time and is earning $40,000/yr. His wife Sarah has recently fallen ill and is no longer able to work. With five children to provide for, Sarah called food for life last week not knowing where their next meal would be coming from. Food for life was able to direct them to a program in their area to help provide them with the items they needed to help their family through this difficult time. ​

You've probably never met Carla, yet you have seen her in the park playing with her two boys 

Carla has not worked since her first child was born. Since leaving her abusive boyfriend she is living in social housing. Her second child is only five months old and her situation is likely to continue for quite some time. Luckily for Carla, food for life supports local food banks and community housing. There is also an onsite program where Carla lives. With food security, Carla can now concentrate on taking care of herself and her boys

You've seen Aiden walking to school

Aiden is a great kid,  he lives in a low-income household and goes to school hungry every single day. His situation is made apparent on pizza day when even his peers can see that he’s the only one without a slice. To help kids like Aiden succeed Food for Life supports youth food programs such as Halton Food for Thought and Food4Kids.

Ken has infrequent outings resulting from disability and lives on a fixed income. 

Ken has diabetes and lives in a wheelchair. With such a low-income Ken struggles with accessing the nutritious food he needs to manage his disease. Thanks to Food for Life onsite programs in low-income residences for individuals on fixed disability income, Ken can now easily access fresh food weekly.

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